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May Wrap Up

Here’s my wrap up for May, albeit few days late, for someone who works to tight deadlines on a daily basis, time keeping in my personal life leaves a lot to be desired. 

May felt like the longest month in history and it brought with some challenges, particularly in the last week.

Initially I was unsure about writing about writing about my Dad’s health, but I have to say it really did help. Since publishing it and sharing it, I’ve been overwhelmed with kindness, messages and well wishes. I can get quite (very) awkward when people try to be nice to me, or comfort me so I have been a little relieved that no one is actually allowed to hug me but to everyone who has reached out I really do appreciate it and I am grateful. Thank you for reminding me that people are good.

My Dad is slowly getting better, he’s incredibly fed up in hospital and desperate to come home. He’ll be having an operation in the next few days, again it’s just a case of waiting and seeing what happens next, there’s a long journey ahead but we’ve got this.


May was the month that saw me return to office and the airwaves!!!!! I hadn’t read a news bulletin since 19thMarch and I have missed it, especially in the early days of lock down. I had debated getting a megaphone and just reading the news to my neighbours every hour, I’m not entirely sure it would have been appreciated. However, it would have kept my broadcast voice up to scratch I spent a lot of time hearing myself and thinking ‘God I sound odd, that’s not how normally do it’.

After so many weeks working from home and only leaving the house for a daily approved state walk, going to work felt like a foreign holiday. It was the chance to get dressed properly after weeks of shorts and t-shirts and put heels on again it felt glorious.

The office is still empty, there’s usually another news reader, the odd presenter but still it was nice to see people. On my first day in, I couldn’t stop talking. I talked a lot and at speed – sorry guys.

I am hoping my days of working from home are done, it’s really not for me. We’re still part -time at the moment, I do worry about returning full time…..I did three days in a row the other week and was absolutely knackered by the end of it. It seems I’ve got a little too used to a slower pace of life.


It felt like there were lots of books in May. 

I made good headway on my TBR shelf knocking four off.  

I started with Normal People – I’d had it for ages and then everyone started watching it. I wanted to read it first and I loved it. The TV adaptation was excellent, I normally worry that they’ll get it wrong, but I am obsessed with both the book and TV show. Here’s my full review.

I then moved on to Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It now feels even more relevant. I, like everyone, have watched in horror as unarmed black man George Floyd was killed by a white police officer on the street in broad daylight. I’ve seen the protests unfold in the UK as well as in America. I’ve listened knowing I don’t know what racism feels like, I know it’s down to all of us to make a stand. This book explores the ingrained every-day racism in the US and UK, it’s powerful in it’s subtleties reminding us that racism isn’t just overtly acts of violence, it’s sadly imbedded in culture and social hierarchies, that’s something we must fight to change. Full blog post here


I got the chance to get to know Simon McDermott and his Dad Ted a lot better through Songaminute Man. Ted has Alzheimer’s disease and a video of him singing went viral a few years ago. This wasn’t just about Alzheimer’s, it’s about family, love, music and of course Ted. My thoughts are here

The Zookeeper’s Wife was a tale of bravery and kindness during one of humanity’s darkest chapters Jan and Antonina Zabinski helped save the lives of Jews in Warsaw by hiding them in their zoo. The writing jumps around a lot but it is well worth the time. Here’s my full blog

I also read Someone Knows by Lisa Scottoline and Roar by Cecelia Ahern full blogs on those on the way.

I still have A Million Little Pieces by James Frey to read I think it may be my next read. I didn’t pick up Testaments by Margaret Atwood either, I still think I’d need to re-read The Handmaid’s Tale and I’m just not sure up for a trip to Gilead given the current state of the world.

 Other bits and bobs…

I walked A LOT and got a cracking tan.

So, for June, hopefully something that resembles more of a normal life and hoping everyone stays healthy.

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    • Thank you, still waiting for the op, fingers crossed it’ll be the next couple of days.
      A couple of weeks before lockdown I’d done a few days working from home thinking this is the life….be careful what you wish for 😂😂😂😂


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