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It’s in the stars….or is it?

There’s nothing like science to get people worked up. 

No, I’m not talking about facemasks – just wear one – I’m talking about star signs.

So, this week a story appeared involving Nasa, moving constellations and a 13thstar sign, Ophiuchus. 

The top and bottom of it is that 3,000 years ago, the Babylonians had tried to fit 13 constellations in the easily divisible 12 months of the year, couldn’t, so binned one off – who am I to judge? I’d have done exactly the same. 

Cue, social media meltdown over new star signs, posts of new dates and Nasa being accused of simply creating a new star sign – they didn’t and have no interest in doing so, nor do they have the power. What Nasa had actually pointed out is that there’s always been thirteen constellations, therefore, there’s always been thirteen star signs.

This story has actually the done the rounds before back in 2016, that other dreadful year that we’d now long for. It completely passed me by, I have no idea why it’s been dug up again but at least it made a nice change to people arguing about politics and face masks.

Boy was it easy to get wrapped-up in the (mock) outrage and fun of it all – we could all do with a bit of fun at the moment. 

I haven’t checked my horoscope since about 1999 when I was still buying Just 17, eager to read the latest instalment of Diary of a crush. I don’t buy into astrology, I don’t think the stars dictate what happens in my life but for some reason I’m irrationally attached to my sign, Cancer. 

Now, I’m apparently a Gemini, how can this be? What does it mean? Do I need to change my character traits? What are the character traits of a Gemini? Come to think of it, what are the character traits of a Cancer? I had no idea….

The internet gave me a handy list

1: Loyal. Arguably one of the most noteworthy Cancer traits is their die-hard loyalty

2: Protective. In addition to being loyal, Cancers are extraordinarily protective of loved ones, sometimes even to a fault.

3: Intuitive.

4: Caring. 

5: Overly Sensitive.

6: Moody.

7: Vindictive.

Or as Cosmo puts it…

“Cancers are known for their traits like loyalty, their emotional depth, and their parenting instincts. They’ll be the one that knows the secrets (and keeps them), the one that others turn to first, and the one that can almost smell when something is off. They are wonderful people to have in your life”

There are a few things in that list and statement that do not ring true for me.

Firstly ‘parenting instincts’, I don’t have any, at all, I can’t keep a plant alive, I am in no way shape or form maternal. 

Secondly “They’ll be the one that knows and keeps the secret”, not bloody likely. I can’t hold my own water. If I listen really carefully I can hear my friends laugh as they read that line, I don’t keep secrets, I gossip.

I don’t think I’d say I’m overly loyal or protective. Intuitive maybe. Caring, overly sensitive and moody, I’ll give you those. I’m not vindictive, don’t get me wrong, there’s been occasions where I really wish I was. 

Five minutes on the internet have basically taught me that this star sign I hold so dear, that supposed to say something about me is a little off, so what about the new one?

1: Adaptable. Geminis are easy-going and adjustable. … 

2: Outgoing. Geminis are typically enthusiastic, social beings. … 

3: Intelligent… 

4: Indecisive. … 

5: Impulsive. … 

6: Unreliable. … 

7: Nosy.

“Geminis are the liveliest of the Air sign gang – versatile, youthful, curious and fun, notoriously difficult to pin down. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, which makes them fast, witty and into communications. Words are their weapon of choice”.

Hang on, maybe there’s something in this astrology business after all and I am a bloody Gemini. 

Adaptable? Yup.

Outgoing? Yup.

Intelligent? I’m not one to brag but yup.

Indecisive? Just try and ask me what I want for tea.

Impulsive? Often act first, think eventually.

Unreliable? I’d possibly argue that one.

Nosy? Guilty as charged.

Words are their weapon of choice…..I’m a journalist.

So now I’ve found out I’ve been a Gemini all this time, I’m thinking back to those teenage years and I’m starting think I’ve been conned. There were times I honestly believed that Venus or whatever was bringing love, luck and money into my life and now it turns out I was reading the wrong bloody horoscope because those pesky Babylonians couldn’t be arsed to divide 13 by 12.

Could I have had a lottery win by reading the right horoscope (or actually reading any)? 

Well, no.

Winning the lottery is down to chance, not Mercury aligning with Mars.

My character has nothing to do with what month I was born in. I can’t argue with the Gemini character traits, there’s some cancer in there too. That’s not down to the stars, it’s down to my values, experiences and life. The only person responsible and to blame for your personality is you (and perhaps your parents to an extent) Having said that, maybe I’ll have read of both horoscopes in future and pick the one that works best that week, nothing wrong with hedging your bets.

Do you follow astrology? Should I take it a little more seriously? Comment below xxx

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5 thoughts on “It’s in the stars….or is it? Leave a comment

  1. No way am I givng up being a Leo! Party animal, natural leader, loyal, honest and strong. OK, it sounds nothing like me, but I don’t care – I’m one, and that’s it! And it’s got (almost) nothing to do with Leo’s birthstones being diamonds and rubies… 😉

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  2. Well get this: we’ve all been reading the wrong placement in regards to horoscopes. They were intended for whatever a person’s Rising sign is (also known as the Ascendant.) You need to know your birth time and location to figure out what it is. I recommend Astro-charts dot com. No affiliation at all, it’s just a great site. The Rising sign is whatever sign was rising on the horizon at the exact moment you were born. The signs change roughly every two hours.
    I’m really intrigued by the 13 constellations… I’ve read a bit about it but I definitely need to find out more… If they try saying I’m an Aries though, I don’t know about all that, lol.

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  3. Sorry, forgot to add this to my comment… I feel like this about astrology: If the moon can influence and move the oceans of the Earth, then it (and other ‘celestial bodies’) can certainly influence us and our behaviors, right?
    I read a quote years ago. It was placed at the beginning of the first astrology book I ever read. It allowed me to read the book without any skepticism. From Carl Gustav Jung: ‘…and like vintage years or fine wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season we are born. ‘

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