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Book Review: The Sight of You by Holly Miller

I’ve really fallen behind these past few weeks with writing and reading. A combination of returning to work in the office full time (yay!!) and having a number of special reports to work on all at once.

However, on the reading front I have to admit I really struggled with this book. It’s taken me three weeks to finish, anyone who knows me, knows that is pretty much unheard of. I had to keep persevering; I really didn’t want an unfinished percentage blemishing my Kindle.

Now I’ve finished it, I’m still not sure how I felt about this book, it was just so heartbreakingly, sad.

It’s a story about Joel and Callie. Joel is petrified of the future, since he was a child he’s had a dreams about the people he loves and what is going to happen to them, good and bad. Callie has been struggling since the death of her best friend, she’s existing and knows she needs to live a bigger life. When the two meet it feels like the start of something big and life changing. They have a deep bond and deep love. Then Joel has a dream about how it’s going to end.

The question at the heart of this book is would you choose love if you knew how it would end? Before reading I was firmly in the camp of, of course you would, grief is after all the price we pay for love. The more I read, the more thought provoking this book became, is it possible to love completely when you know how and when it’ll end?


I think it’s almost impossible to discuss this book without having to give away a few things.

Joel dreams about Callie’s death, he doesn’t know what causes it but knows when it’ll happen. Callie doesn’t want to know; she doesn’t want the date to cast a shadow over her remaining time.

He starts question whether they can have a future together, he wants Callie to experience everything she ever dreamed of, travelling, being a mum, living a big, spontaneous life; he knows this is what her future holds – he’s dreamt it too – so he sets her free to live the life he can’t give her.

And that is what this book is actually about, selfless love and living for the moment.

It’s told from both their perspectives each having a chapter and I was drawn to both of them. However, I found the start a little slow, my interest waned around them getting together and in the early days of their relationship.

Still I stuck with it, I was gripped by the final part, the direction their lives went in after they split up. How that love was still there despite them both knowing being apart was better for them. I loved watching Callie flourish and live a big life, filled with adventure and love. I liked seeing how Joel turned his own life around and came to terms with his ‘gift’. How they were both heartbroken, learnt to live again separately but thought of each other often.

After initially struggling to get into this book, I was moved by the story of Joel and Callie, it was thought provoking, tragic and pretty heart breaking.

Ultimately I’d recommend this book, it’s a fabulous debut with flawed characters who you’ll love, it’ll make you think about love and relationships. Just don’t read it if you want a pick me up and a happy ending.

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