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Love is…..

This week, my little brother got married. I should really say younger brother, he is much taller than me, I am a short arse.

Anyway, he asked me to write a reading for the ceremony (no pressure).

It was an honour to be asked. Having watched him and Chloe grow up together, I wanted to write something that was personal to them, something that meant something to them both that would hopefully make them smile, so naturally I asked each what the other’s bad habits were ha, ha, ha.

I guess I managed to make them smile and laugh because they went with it and I read it on the day….

Love is….

Love isn’t big grand gestures.

Love isn’t endless hearts and flowers.

Love isn’t even always saying I love you.

Love is fresh bedding nearly every other night – Love is finding that annoying and helping to change the sheets anyway.

Love is knowing the washing pile will be forever filled pyjamas only worn once.

Love is a freshly made hot chocolate or a steaming cup of tea – made by you who doesn’t drink hot drinks.

Love is thinking your dislike of tea is weird (it is) and accepting it anyway.

Love is picking up thousands of pieces of rubber deposited around the house after a football match on a 3G pitch.

Love is putting up with the sound of a gun battle on Call of duty and the pings from multiple group chats.

Love is pretending to be interested in football….even when you haven’t got a clue.

Love is going along with a spontaneous trip when you prefer a plan.

Love is saying ‘stop faffing’ – it really means sit down and relax.

Love is disagreeing about whether or not she’s always late.

Sometimes love is a surprise dog. 

Love is finding something to laugh about  even on the darkest days.

Love is saying everything will be alright even when you aren’t convinced yourself.

Love is things that drive you up the wall but secretly make you smile.

Love is a million and one small actions every day, the things that say ‘I love you’ without any words, all coming together to become the biggest gesture of all.

Getting to finally share their day with them (they should have got married last September but…Covid) was nothing short of wonderful. It was an amazing day, made all the more special given everything over the past sixteen months.

Matt and Chloe, I’m thrilled you finally got your day and that you got to share it with all your friends and family. I know you’ll be very happy together and I wish you all the love in the world.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Maine

P.S I know I read the news out loud for a living but it is completely different to reading to a room full of people I can’t see anyone when I read the news (hence the shaking ha, ha, ha).

P.P.S Your bill is in the post (jokes)

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