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Goals for 2022

Happy New Year!

Yes, I’m aware we’re four days in.

After a few days break, I’ve been thinking about things I’d like to achieve this year. 

Nothing big, I don’t buy into new year, new me and all that bollocks – I’ll remain a delight. 

Saying things like, spend more time with friends and family and making more of an effort with people is too obvious.

Nor am I going to sit here and promise that in 12 months’ time I’ll be living a completely healthy lifestyle, have given up social media, have saved a load of cash and sorted my punctuality problem out; that’s just not realistic.

Having said that though, there are things I’d like to have achieved by 2023, here goes:

  • Walk 1000 kilometres on Strava. I thought I’d smashed that total in 2021, I walk a lot. Imagine my disappointment when Strava sent me a roundup of ‘my year in sport’ (use of the word sport being a little generous) to see I’d only managed 996km. Four measly km short of a thousand. I hadn’t even set a distance target last year but not reaching the target I hadn’t set myself, pissed me off.
  • Buy some new walking shoes and a waterproof coat for that matter.
  • Eat at the kitchen table more. I find it odd we don’t do this. We both grew up in houses where eating in the living room, didn’t happen, we ate at the kitchen table. It’s like some really late teenage rebellion. Truth is there no need to sit in front of the TV eating.
  • Grow a sunflower. If I could, I’d spend a fortune on sunflowers, they’re comforting and brightening. I’d like to grow my own, you know like kids do, not 30 odd year-old women.
  • Do something with my Work in Progress. Opening it would be a start at this point, I haven’t even clicked on it since February last year. It very much isn’t in progress.
  • eBay more of my stuff. Everything that was on there has now sold, there’s still plenty to be listed, the thing that puts me off is the endless questions from potential buyers about clothing that’s listed for 99p.
  • Make garden pretty. I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to gardening, never have done, so buying a house with a big garden was perhaps not the wisest move. We’ve had attempts before and grew lettuce, strawberries and tomato’s before getting bored. The greenhouse is now used as some kind of cat sauna – we don’t own cats. I’d like to plant flowers and other gardeny things. Any hints on this one or Alan Titchmarsh’s number would be appreciated.
  • Have a bloody blog post schedule. I have a goal for views etc I know to reach that goal, I need to be a bit more consistent. I’ve avoided planning so far, this is the year, allegedly.
  • Learn SEO – properly.
  • Get my money back for the German MotoGP tickets I bought more than two years ago. I asked for the cash back in the summer, we hadn’t been able to go for two years because of well, you know. I still haven’t got it, I’ve asked for it again, all I get told is we’re dealing with demand. Seriously, how long does it take?
  • Stop procrastinating. I have now got to the point where procrastinating takes longer than the task, it is my most annoying habit.
  • Podcast, oh I’ve bored people talking about this over the last two years. I have ideas, I know how to go about it, I just haven’t done it (see above procrastination).
  • Eat my way along the East coast of America. The trip is half planned, I have my route, it is happening this year!

There’s my list for 2022, hardly groundbreaking, simple achievable (ish) goals. Hopefully by summer I’ll be able to share pictures of a blooming garden and great big giant sunflower. By December, I may even be writing guides to SEO (unlikely) having surpassed my blog goals and have stuck to a schedule.

Wish me luck, I’m off for a walk.

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  1. Ooh you’ve got some great goals here! I can’t believe how close you were to hitting your unset goal on strava, that would frustrate me so much – but I’m sure you’ll get there this year! I really want to get into the habit of not procrastinating too, I’m a nightmare with it. Thanks for sharing, wishing you all the best for meeting these x

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