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Talking books: My Reading List

After reading The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams I started thinking about my own list and what my favourite books are.

In the book, a mysterious list of eight books is found in a library, it simply says “Just in case you need it”.

Mukesh and Aleisha – both non-readers start making their way through the list and find it helps them in various ways. Both lonely, the books bring them comfort, help them connect with others and teach them lessons.

It is a gorgeous book that I keep raving about, I won’t go into too much detail about it here, you can check out my full review.

The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams review

Anyway, I loved the simple concept behind this story, a list of eight books that meant the world to someone, so much so they decided to make sure others found that list.

I thought I might struggle to think of just eight of my favourite books, I thought I’d chop and change like I do with my favourite songs depending on my mood, but actually the ones I’ve picked became obvious as I sat down to start writing. They’re the ones that I’ve reread, that have really stayed with me and made me feel something.

So here are my eight books, no blurbs, no ratings, no pictures, no explanations, “just in case you need it”.

To Kill a Mockingbird

And the Mountains Echoed

A man called Ove

Where Rainbows End

The Colour Purple

The Shadow of the wind

High Fidelity

Jane Eyre

So, there you have it, my eight books.

I hope you’ll be tempted to pick some of these up.

I’d love to know what your eight books are, leave a list for me in the comments.

Thanks for reading x

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22 thoughts on “Talking books: My Reading List Leave a comment

  1. Nice list! I’ve read three but haven’t heard of two (‘Mountains’ and ‘Rainbows’), which I will have to look into. Thanks for the recommendations.
    Not used to thinking in 8s but you’re right, it comes remarkably easy. I’d say:
    A Single Man, Crime and Punishment, Lolita, Homage to Catalonia, The Last Temptation, Misery, Pride and Prejudice, All Quiet on the Western Front
    To be fair, I could switch out some for others, but happy to stand by that list. Great post!

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  2. I must admit, I’ve only heard of a couple of these. We studied To Kill A Mocking Bird at school, which I enjoyed, and I’ve heard of The Colour Purple and Jane Ayre, but not got around to reading them yet. I love historical fiction books. A read a great series a few years back by Sharon Penman which left my crying on the train on the way home, but it was just so sad – lol! Totally worth it 😀 It’s a 3 parter and the first book is Here be Dragons. The last one made me cry. I also love the Petals In The Wind series 🙂


  3. This is such an interesting challenge to come up with only 8 books! I loved seeing your list and would have to spend a bit of time determining my 8 books. Thanks for sharing Sarah!

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  4. Love seeing A man called Ove on here, as the book (and film) are just so emotional and beautifully written/portrayed! The story touches me always with its classical elements and emotions. ❤

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  5. Off the cuff and not infront of my bookshelf…
    A couple are because they changed me forever….

    Revolutionary road
    I m not scared
    A day late and a dollar short.
    Daisy and the six
    My Dark Rachel
    All the light we cannot see
    Lord of the rings
    Jane Eyre

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  6. I loved your previous post and I think it is a great idea you decided to create your list of your favourite books. I have been thinking about it also since I read that post. I still can’t choose only 8 of them. Books are like good friends that you grow up with. Sometimes of my life were hard and there were books that helped me survive. Some others made me laugh when I was sad. Some others gave me hope and inspired me. Some others lead me to dark places just to understand that everything is possible. Ahhh I don’t know. I have to think about it more and when I create my list I will write a blog post about it. I think it is a great idea!

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  7. When I read the book, I was incredibly taken by the concept as well. Your reading list is great, I’ve read most of the books on it. I think we’d share Where Rainbows End and The Shadow of the Wind (I recommend the latter to everybody already).

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    • It’s such a simple concept and a great book! Same, I always find myself recommending The Shadow of the Wind, I think a reread of it is on the way. Thank you for reading 🙂


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