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All change and a new challenge!

So, my grand plan to consistently blog last one whole month.

To be fair I think I have managed a post once a week through February, but I most definitely have been as prolific as I was in January. The same goes for reading too, I have read nowhere near as much. I’ve struggled to keep up with all your blogs too, sorry about that!

February’s been very bloody busy. It’s been filled with nights out, friends and family. 

The news cycle shows no signs of slowing, there’s been different shift patterns, special reports and drives all over the Northwest. 

But there was another reason why the blog took more of back seat this month….

….you see February involved making a big decision about my career. A decision that took some thinking about but one that feels right.

From next week, it’s all change. Don’t worry I’m not packing this in.

I’m packing up my news bag and microphone for the next twelve months and am off to manage a new team in a completely new patch.

I’m swapping West for the East and heading to Newcastle – temporarily and on a part time basis (I’ll be there three days a week and closer to home the other two).

It was an opportunity out of the blue but a challenge I couldn’t really ignore.

Deciding to take a job 120 miles away obviously takes some thinking about; pros and cons need working out. How to make it work with my home life. Luckily, my employer has helped me work that out in a way that doesn’t mean driving 5 hours a day. Of course, I’ve had the support of Scott too – though I made up my mind on this quicker than it takes me to decide what I want for tea, I’m only slightly exaggerating on this.

In a job like mine, restlessness and itchy feet are very common. I tend to go in four-year cycles, that’s usually when I start thinking about what the next challenge is and thinking about trying something different. I never want to feel like the day job is too easy, I never want to feel bored or stale, that’s not what I signed up for.

That’s been the biggest attraction with this unexpected move. After nearly ten years covering all things Lancashire (4 in the current gig) it’s time to have a bash at learning a new patch and I’m bloody excited!

I’ve only ever been to Newcastle once before, I only really saw the inside of the BBC during the toughest interview process I’ve ever had AND it wasn’t even for a job, it was to part of a talent pool.

I’m looking forward to exploring and finding out more about the northeast. I’m looking forward to finding good places to eat, meeting new people and telling some good stories.

So, that’s been my February, March is set to be exciting….bring it on!

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  1. Wow. Sounds amazing ,Sarah. I have hardly taken in much this last month either as my husband began a new relationship after 26 years, whilst sailing across the Atlabtic, as you do. Nothing prepared me. But along with that I have no memory of putting him on the title of my most beloved place in the world, in Argyll – two studios i built myself and have loved for 50 years. Hey ho. Dark times, but its been pretty murky for a while and there will be light at the end of it, I already feel it. As comfort food, I ve downloaded Lord of the Rings and I m listening to it when I m working outside. It’s a joy. I read it when I was nineteen travelling around India… talk about light and dark! Good luck, with the transition, Sarah!


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