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Goals for 2022 mid year check in….

At the beginning of 2022, I set myself a few goals for the coming year.

They weren’t massive, earth shattering, I’m going to jump out of a plane and become a different person over night kind of goals, they were more a list of things I’d like to achieve in the next 12 months.

In the spirit of self-assessment, I thought now was the perfect time to look back on those goals and see how well I’m getting on with them….

  • Walk 1000 kilometres on Strava. 

RESULT:  I think I’m on track. I walked every day for the first week of the year then it tapered off. We have trekked up Scafell and the old man of Coniston and got back into the habit of long walks every Sunday, so far, I’ve clocked up 218 km.

  • Buy some new walking shoes and a waterproof coat for that matter.

RESULT: Yes, I haven’t done this. It becomes more and more pressing after every walk.

  • Eat at the kitchen table more. 

RESULT: Hit and miss with this one. Have definitely used the table more often so far this year.

  • Grow a sunflower. 

RESULT:  Planted sunflower seeds with goddaughter two weeks ago….please god let them grow.

  • Do something with my Work in Progress. 

RESULT: It still sits languishing on my laptop unopened 

  • eBay more of my stuff. 

RESULT: Wacked five more items on a few weeks ago, sold two, have a big pile ready for listing.

  • Make garden pretty. 

RESULT: Ripped out loads of bushes and plants that I hated. Weeded everything and tidied up, it turned into a mammoth job. Planted some bee bombs (grew increasingly frustrated by how long they’re taking to flower). Have grand ideas about what I want to plant, haven’t planted anything, have possibly missed my window. 

  • Have a bloody blog post schedule. 

RESULT: Posted regularly through January. Have been semi-consistent since kind of in the habit of posting at least once a week. It is paying off.

  • Learn SEO – properly.

RESULT: Still don’t get it.

  • Get my money back for the German MotoGP tickets I bought more than two years ago.

RESULT: Still in a weekly email debate with motor sport tickets. 

  • Stop procrastinating. I have now got to the point where procrastinating takes longer than the task, it is my most annoying habit.

RESULT: Still permanently annoyed by how long it takes for me to do something.

  • Podcast, oh I’ve bored people talking about this over the last two years. I have ideas, I know how to go about it, I just haven’t done it (see above procrastination).

RESULT: Still boring people by talking about doing this and not actually doing it.

  • Eat my way along the East coast of America. The trip is half planned, I have my route, it is happening this year!


Not a terrible position to be in by this point of the year, I’ve made decent progress on most things and there’s been some bonuses along the way too….

I’ve started a new job. In March I was given the opportunity to run a news service in a completely different part of the country for a year. I jumped at the chance – after ensuring I could make it work for my home life too. 

Two months in it’s been a wonderful opportunity so far. I’ve loved getting to know and work with a new team in a new patch.

It’s meant I’ve got to see and part time live in a new city. I love Newcastle! I love how friendly it is, I love the atmosphere on match day, I love the fact the stadium just appears in the middle of the city, I love the bars and restaurants, I love the fact people are obsessed with Greggs (there’s a 24hour one), I love the fact the coast is 20 minutes away.

If you’ve never visited the Northeast, do it now, it’s so underrated and has everything, buzzing cities, a stunning coastline and beautiful countryside.

My part time weekly move to the Northeast has also seen me take up running again. I’m shit at it, I’m painfully slow and there’s still a fair bit of walking involved but I bloody love starting my day with run/walk and – not to be one those evangelical fitness people – I feel bloody great after it.

To be honest I hadn’t given much thought to my goals after setting, I certainly wasn’t militant about keeping them. They’ve kind of just happened (or not) much like life, I guess.

 I’m still learning that not everything can be planned and plotted to within an inch of its life, despite the pandemic burning every plan to the ground two years ago.

No one knows what’s around the corner, 2022 has taught me that again too, for kick off a new job in Newcastle was something that had never in a million years crossed my mind. Perhaps I’ll just try to live in the moment a bit more for the rest of the year and see what it brings, it’s proving pretty good so far. I just hope those bloody sunflowers grow!!!

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  1. Definitely not bad progress considering we’re only halfway through May! Keep at it – I’m sure you’ll surprise yourself by the end of the year and be able to tick a fair few of these off 🙂 You’re doing better than me – I threw away my list of goals after just 1 month of the year because I felt like I had no hope with them.

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  2. Wow you’ve made a lot of progress so far! I look forward to listening to your podcast when you do get around to it. If it makes you feel any better I’m awful at procrastinating and still don’t get SEO too, haha. Thank you so much for sharing x

    Liked by 1 person

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