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I’m back!


I’m back after a month-long break.

Actually, I’ve been back from my trip for just over a week, but my return home didn’t exactly go to plan, more on that shortly…

Now, observant readers may recall I started out the year with a list of goals for 2022, most of them weren’t ground-breaking. 

Part way through May, I wrote an update on how I was getting on with them, cryptically I left one goal marked as TBC.

Eat my way around the East coast of America. DONE

This goal in particular had been in the planning for over a year, when I wrote that update, everything was booked, the route was planned. 

There was just one hurdle left, pass a Covid test on Monday the 16th of May so I could I get on a plane and fly to the US, there was no way I was jinxing that test by writing that it was happening.

I wouldn’t even risk packing until a professional had watched me shove a swab up my nose on zoom and sent me the confirmation that I was good to go. I mean, can you imagine how depressing having to unpack would be?

New York to New Orleans (and back).

It’s a trip we’ve talked about before, we’d always put America off, reasoning that it’s a fairly easy place to visit, we speak the language, we can go at any age. Covid made us think “fuck it” let’s just do it.

I am so glad we did; it is one of the best holidays we’ve ever had. 

It went beyond all our expectations. 

In 17 days we….

Visited nine states (Scott says 10, I don’t think a boat cruise crossing into Arkansas for 5 minutes can count as a visit).

Covered 2,934.8 miles – by plane, train and automobile.

And walked 291,264 steps.

It really was the trip of lifetime. It was filled with crazy cities, beautiful mountains, breath-taking scenery, experiences I’ve dreamt of, lovely people and amazing food that I’ll probably dream about for years to come.

It was a trip filled with a lot of laughs and the most wonderful memories, memories I’ll treasure.

When we touched down in New York, there was still some trepidation about whether what we had planned was even doable. I remember after booking the flights and then looking at the map and thinking “you may have massively underestimated the distance here”, turns out I’d only underestimated us….near enough everything is doable.

There’ll be more on this to come in the following days, I’m still catching up on life.

You see, coming home we of course got caught up in Europe’s airport chaos. 

Flight delays and cancellations meant spending two days stranded (and drunk) in Amsterdam before flying back to Manchester via Dublin (I’ll leave you to look at the geography of that flight). Which, in turn meant I spent about thirteen hours at home last Monday before getting on a train to London the following day for work for six days. I think I can be forgiven for not having written a word since getting back!

So, now I’m kind of rested, I’m tapping away and making my way through my list of post ideas, but thought I’d leave a quick note to update you all.

I hope you like them and keep reading xxx

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  1. It sounds as though you had a memorable vacation! I can’t wait to read more. IRROPS are the worst and seem to be so plentiful since travel has resumed post-COVID. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Oh wow, it sounds like an extraordinary vacation! I completely feel when you say that was the pandemic that pushed you and also about jinxing the test, I was so nervous when I had to do it to fly home after two years!

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