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Book review: Reminders of him by Colleen Hoover

This was my first foray into Colleen Hoover’s work and, while I liked Reminders of him, I wasn’t blown away and was kind of left with a sense of “well, that wouldn’t happen”.

Here’s the deal…

After five years in prison, Kenna Rowan returns to the town where it all wrong.

Kenna was jailed for the death of her boyfriend Scotty in a tragic car accident.

Unbeknownst to Kenna, she was pregnant when she was jailed. When her daughter Diem is born, Scotty’s parents, Patrick and Grace, get custody of the child and Kenna loses all her parental rights.

On her release, Kenna is determined to be reunited with her daughter and be part of her life. 

The only person who doesn’t completely shut out Kenna is Ledger, Scotty’s best friend (the two never met while he was alive), if anyone finds out about the connection between the two and just how close they are. They’ll both lose the trust of everyone involved and they could both lose Diem forever.

I’ve read a few reviews about Reminders of him, everyone seems to adore it and raves about it. Now I’m writing my own review, I can’t help but wonder if I’m missing something because, I thought it was just alright. It didn’t wow me. It kept me interested but I can’t say it’s a book I can rave about.

I loved Kenna. I found her really intriguing, obviously the night of the accident isn’t as black and white as it appears, I was dying to find out what happened and was kept waiting for the reveal.

I liked the use of her letters to Scotty to fill in some of the blanks about her background and their relationship. 

Her growing relationship with Ledger, kind of worked. I liked them together, I liked reading about them getting to know each other, but the constant back and forth and feelings of guilt from both of them, grew a little tiresome.

I’m all for romance but I’m still not sure if these two would have crossed that line and I’m not sure if a love story was needed.

It seemed to take over, whereas I was more interested in knowing how Kenna was going to convince Scotty’s parents to let her see her daughter.

Where I was completely lost though, was how quickly Kenna was forgiven.

We’re led to believe that Scotty’s parents and Ledger himself have spent the past five years hating Kenna. They want nothing to do with her, they certainly don’t want her anywhere near Diem and yet, all it takes is for them to change their minds is reading one of her letters to Scotty.

One letter, and a night to sleep on it, and Patrick and Grace have forgotten the pain of the past five years, are rushing to embrace her, forgiving her, throwing their doors open and welcoming her into their lives…it just didn’t ring true.

It felt too easy, it felt like Hoover just wanted to tie everything up in a nice bow. That’s great, but the fact that Kenna’s happy ending came over night annoyed me.

We’re led to believe that Patrick and Grace don’t even want to talk to her about the night Scotty died. I can’t conceive of any scenario where the parents of someone killed in accident would never discuss it with the last person to see them, especially of they were going to play at happy families.

I appreciate that people can put a lot of things behind them and move forward, but seriously after one night and no chat about what’s gone before? Really? Never mind the fact there’s no talk of how they’re going to explain to Diem who the hell Kenna is.

Like I said, it was too neat and too easy.

As stories go, I was engaged, I was entertained, I just wasn’t convinced.

An alright read, something you can tear through quickly, but I wasn’t bowled over.

I’ll read more Colleen Hoover books; I’d be interested in seeing what some of her other novels are like. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Until next time, happy reading x

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15 thoughts on “Book review: Reminders of him by Colleen Hoover Leave a comment

  1. This book sounds like an emotional ride! It is hard that Kenna’s daughter was taken from her and that she has to work so hard to get back into her life, but I love that she sounds dedicated and changed! ❤

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  2. I’m sorry this one was a disappoint for you. I’ve read It Ends With Us by this author and found it be especially moving. Great review.

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  3. I’ve been seeing this book everywhere! I really enjoyed reading your thoughtful review. One thing that takes me out of a story is when authors try to tie things up a little too perfectly. I may skip this one but I’d like to check out Hoover’s other books. Thank you for sharing!


  4. I’ve been seeing this book everywhere but reading your review, I’m not sure I’d want to read it… I really don’t like books where the storyline just wraps up quicky and overnight like you say. Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts! x
    Em –

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  5. I have about half a dozen of Colleen Hoover’s books sitting on my Tbr right now but, unfortunately, this one will not be staying.
    It’s a shame you didn’t enjoy it more but I’m grateful for your honesty!
    Great review, Sarah, and thank you for sharing it.🌷

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  6. I still haven’t read any of Coleen Hoveer’s books but keep finding that everyone recommends them. Though as you said, it seems like they forgave her far too quickly to be realistic, but will five it a try anyway x


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