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Impossible by Sarah Lotz |Review


Grab a tube of Pringles (salt and vinegar preferably) settle down and let me tell you all about Impossible by Sarah Lotz.

There’s been a lot of hype around this book.

It promises to be a love story like no other, one filled with twists and turns, could it really deliver what it’s promising?

From the back

Nick: Failed writer. Failed husband. Dog owner.

Bee: Serial dater. Dress maker. Pringles enthusiast.

One day, their paths cross over a misdirected email. The connection is instant, electric. They feel like they’ve known each other all their lives.

Nick buys a new suit, gets on a train. Bee steps away from her desk, sets off to meet him under the clock at Euston station.

Think you know how the rest of the story goes? They did too . . .

But this is a story with more twists than most. This is Impossible.

I admit, I was a little sceptical, I mean, how different can a rom com book be?

Boy meets girl, instant attraction, few obstacles get in the way, obstacles get resolved, boy and girl lived happily after, the end.

Well, I have to say Sarah Lotz has proven me wrong. In 448 pages Lotz has managed to pack in multiple twists and kept me guessing throughout. 

This is such a hard review to write, because it is so unexpected, it really did deliver a very different rom com and I am not going to be the blogger that ruins this book for another reader. No one wants to be that person!

I could have sat and written dozens of predictions as I tore my way through this book, not a single one would have been anywhere near close, and that made it a joy to read.

All I can say is that Impossible is filled with characters who make a mark on you.

I loved Nick’s sardonic sense of humour. He’d refer to himself as a miserable bastard, but he’d have me cackling in his emails to Bee and he had a huge heart. He cared for Lilly, his cantankerous next-door neighbour; he did everything he could to help Geoffrey, despite them not getting off to the best of starts. He bonded with Erika his nit-picking landlady; forgave Poll and Jez, was a devoted stepfather to Dylan and adored his dog, Rosie.

Nick goes down as one of my favourite all time characters. Grumpy on the outside but really a great big softie, trying to hide how lovely he actually was.

Bee, you could imagine being everyone’s friend. Kind, thoughtful, wicked sense of humour and incredibly loyal.

Both are stuck in respective holes when we first meet them through a misdirected email, the email itself being brutally funny.

Their connection is instant, they pull each other out of the ruts they’ve gotten themselves into and they know they’re meant to be.

Getting there though is going to take them on a journey that neither of them could ever have expected, and they’re backed by a cast of wonderful and sometimes weird friends, family and pets, you’ll love them all.

Discovering the twists at the same time as Bee and Nick is one of the triumphs of Impossible. I’d say go in as blind as possible, don’t read up too much, just enjoy the ride.

It’ll make you scratch your head as you try to work out how Lotz is going to deliver a happy ending for Bee and Nick, at times it does indeed feel like that particular outcome is Impossible.

It’s a clever take on the rom com genre, it’s unique, it’s crazy, it’s very unexpected but it works on every level, a gripping story, loveable characters, believable relationships, and a very satisfying ending.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough, read it, laugh along and live every twist and turn that comes along.

Now, pass the Pringles….

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24 thoughts on “Impossible by Sarah Lotz |Review Leave a comment

  1. Personally, I prefer sour cream and onion flavour Pringles. I can’t say I’ve ever read a rom com before, but I don’t mind watching the occasional rom com film. But the characters and the book does seem like it’d be an enjoyable read

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  2. Great review! This sounds like such an interesting read, I love that it’s different from other rom-coms. Nick’s character sounds amazing and I love the amount of twists! Thanks for sharing, adding this one to my tbr x

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